Ride Levels/Pace and Terrain types

RBC ride level designations are a combination of pace (speed) and degree of difficulty (short/flat vs. long/hills)

Ride Types

Ride Levels / Pace

Please note the speeds shown are averages - faster on the flats, slower on the hills.

 Level  Avg
 Flats  Breaks 
 A  16+  21+  30-40 miles
 B+  15-16  19-20  15-30 miles 
 B  13-15  18  15-30 miles 
 C  11-13  12-15  15-20 miles
 D   9-11  11-13  as needed

Ride Terrain

1 - Primarily flat, with occasional rolling hills
(Rockland Lake, Piermont to Nyack, Clarke Rail Trail, North County Trail, e.g.)

2 - Rolling hills
(Harriman/7 Lakes Drive, e.g.)

3 - Hilly with one or more steep climbs
(Nyack-GWB and back via 9W or River Road, e.g.)

4 - Consistently hilly with several steep climbs
(Nyack-Bear Mountain &/or Perkins & back, Bridge-Bridge Ride, Harriman Rt 106, e.g.)


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