All about eBikes! (June 20 RBC Mtg)

  • Wed, June 20, 2018
  • 7:00 PM
  • New City Library, 220 North Main St., New City

Are you eBike curious? Want to learn more about the intersection of cycling and technology? Join us at the Wed June 20 Rockland Bicycling Club meeting at the New City Library to learn more -- and maybe try taking one out for a spin.

An eBike resembles a traditional human-powered bicycle except that it includes a small, silent electric motor that provides assistance when pedaled. It has a battery you plug in, just like your phone.

In accordance with U.S. Federal guidelines a Class 1 pedal-assist eBike has no throttle and the motor stops assisting at 20 mph.  

Edward Busk, the owner of Sleek eBikes in Tarrytown, is our guest speaker at the June RBC meeting. He'll tell us what they can do -- and what they can't. And he'll bring a few models along for people to try.

Join us on 6/20/18 at 7pm at the New City Library to hear all about eBikes, the June 24 two bridge/two club ride and the Sept 23 Rockland County Century. Hope to see you then! The New City Library is located at 220 North Main St., New City.


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