Cancelled: Perkins and Gate Hill Before GFNY

  • Sat, May 19, 2018
  • 8:30 AM
  • David's Bagels, 64 N. Main


Registration is closed
Cancelled.  I hate to take any ride off the board, but the weather forecast looks increasingly unpleasant.  I doubt anyone would have been crazy enough to ride on such a wet day anyhow.  This rain can't last forever.

GFNY will arrive atop Perkins on Sunday.  We'll beat them by a day.  Starting in New City, we'll take Bike Route 9 (skipping Buckburg) up to Bear Mountain and continue up Perkins.  This time of year we're just getting our legs, so we'll be enjoying the views more than racing to the top.  We'll backtrack to Mott Farm, then take Gate Hill to 106.  Then we'll have the option of turning right toward Seven Lakes Drive or left for the screaming descent down Willow Grove.  On the way back to New City we can opt for the Cheesecote climb if we have anything left.

The ride starts at David's Bagels in New City.  The store is located at 64 North Main Street, next to Shoprite.  If you drive to the ride there's plenty of parking.  Please be considerate and leave the prime spaces in front of the stores open. 

Average speed: 16 mph overall average, 18-22 on the flats. 

Total distance: 50+ miles.

This is not a no-drop ride.  Route sheets are available at the start.  

Rain at 8:30 will delay the start to 9:00.  Rain at 9:00 cancels. If it rains later we'll get wet. 

Ride leader - Steve Brehl
Contact information - 845-304-9918

Here's the route (approximately):

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