New City Library to Harriman

Appx 30 +/- miles
Terrain level 3/4
Pace/speed determined by ride leader

Route Description

All levels start and end at New City Library

Level 3 Route - appx 20 +/- miles
Main St - So Mountain - Rte 45 - Rte 202 - Call Hollow - Willow Grove (right) - Hammond Road - Thiells-Mt Ivy Road - Rte 202 - Rte 45 - So Mountain - Main Street

Level 4 Route - appx 30 +/- miles
Main St - So Mountain - Rte 45- Rte 202- Call Hallow- Willow Grove(left) - LWD.
We may do repeats of this course or we may do one lap and then take a different route like up to Perkins and 7 Lakes. We'll decide along the way.

Google maps link

Cue Sheet


If you are riding with the club, bring your ride leader information with you and the cue sheet.
Your ride leader should provide this, but it is a good idea to be prepared just in case your ride is a drop ride and you are dropped!

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