New City to GWB 5/27

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    There were five of us setting off from David's for the George Washington Bridge: Brett, Joe, Kevin, Mike, and me.  We wandered through the Nyacks and Piermont as pairs in conversation rather than as a group, eventually reassembling on 9W.  That's where we formed a reasonably efficient paceline for the rest of the way to Strictly.  That stretch of road seems made for riding in a group, and we all enjoyed sharing the work.

    As we were finishing our PB&J and such at Strictly, Brett was disappointed to learn that the plan was to ride under the bridge, but not over it.  But why not got for the Kodak moment:



    After that short detour, we went under the bridge.  None of us were looking for any records, just to enjoy the ride through the park.  After the challenging climb back up Alpine Approach we formed back into the group for the ride north. 

    I was on the front when I realized that we were approaching the state line, so I dropped to the back behind Kevin, reminding him that at least one of us was going to misbehave for the sprint at the state line.  By this time we had picked up another rider behind me.  When we went through the light for the Palisades and started up toward LDEO the line fell apart and I took the opportunity to slingshot forward.  As I struggled to the crest, our new friend shot past me impressively.  That section is always fun.  In the end I had to apologize to Joe for not making enough of his excellent lead-out to get a PR.  I think he figures that next time it's his turn to show me how it's done.

    At Oak Tree Joe headed for home while the rest of us continued to New City. After almost the promised 60 miles, we finished with the advertised pace.  Kevin, Brett, and I spent a few minutes laughing over the pleasures of the day's ride before heading home to the usual Saturday chores at home.  Many thanks to all for a fun morning.


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