Long Meadow-Harriman Park 7/23

  • Sat, July 23, 2016 11:36 PM
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    Rolling into David's for the start of the ride, it was a pleasure to see Ian waiting there.  This was his first club ride since his ill-fated ride down 218 ended badly.  We were joined by Joe and Adam, who were equally glad to see Ian.  We quickly learned that he has not lost any fitness during his absence, as he led us all up South Mountain Road.

    Joe set the pace as we headed up 202, hoping to get to Kakiat on time.  Adam soon reminded us that it was going to be a hot day and we needed to pace ourselves for all of the miles ahead.  Maybe that's why we were each able to beat some of our previous best times later in the ride.

    Having faded to the back I wasn't there to see it, but reports have it that there was a fierce duel between Joe and Ian on the steeper parts of the climb up 106 from the Thruway underpass to Kanawauke circle.  As I understand it, fans thought that Joe had broken Ian, but Ian came through with one final push to move past Joe in the last part of the climb.  All the drama of the Tour, right here in NY.

    Ian had ridden to the start, so he turned for idyllic Sloatsburg at the circle.  Adam, Joe and I were looking forward to the long descent from Lake Welch to Call Hollow.  The enjoyment was interrupted on Willow Grove when a car coming the other way entered our lane to pass a slow moving truck as we approached.  Yikes.

    The three of us returned to New City with a little over 50 miles behind us at the advertised pace.  We enjoyed a little fellowship over chocolate milk at David's before heading for home.  My thanks to Adam, Ian, and Joe for a very enjoyable ride.


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  • Tue, July 26, 2016 8:00 AM
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    Joe set a punishing tempo on 106. I kept looking up at him for some sign of breaking --a slackening of the cadence or a glance over the shoulder-- but it never came. The effort to nose him out on the last riser had me dry heaving at the top. That's the beauty of club rides, I guess; you get pushed past your comfort zone.

    Thanks for posting and organizing the ride, Steve. That's a great route. I'm going to ask Mayor Wright to declare you an honorary Sloatsburger. You are a true friend to the village.


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